Bloom Beauty

Meet Kimberly and Kristin of Bloom Beauty - Fresh Bridal Hair & Make Up!
About four years ago I met Kimberly while she was in school at MC College. I was in desperate need of hair dresser to tame my curly hair so it would fit under my nursing graduation cap. Instantly I knew this girl was special - she is kind, warm and friendly, really everything you want in a hair dresser. Oh and did I mention she is amazingly talented when it comes to hair and make up - my hair is living proof. A few years later I met Kristin, Kimberly's sister in-law. I have had the pleasure of photographing Kristin a few times now and through these meetings I have gotten to see how her laid back and natural style would be a perfect compliment to Kimberly's edgy look. Put these two together and you get the bombshell team that they call Bloom Beauty
If I knew these ladies three years ago when I was getting married I would have hired them in a heart beat! I feel with these two teamed up they can offer a bride and her bridal party a large variety of styles. Beyond making the bride and her bridesmaid look stunning, I think that it is so important that anyone hired to be part of a wedding day needs to be trustworthy and can put a bride at ease - I know that these two have that ability. I can't wait to see where Bloom Beauty takes these two. 
Make sure you take the time to check out their website. www.bloombeautybridal.com


Mr & Mrs Boettlger

I'm very excited to share this post and to congratulate Joel and Rebekah on their recent elopement! In early January these two had asked me to come out to Kingman, AB to Joel's farm to capture a few photos of them together. After the session she asked me to wait to share the album until later in February, I couldn't be happier to hear that in early February these two eloped. Congratulations you two and thank you for choosing me to play a tiny part in capturing a little bit of your adventure together!