Meet Finnigan!

I couldn't be more excited to share this blog post. I was fortunate enough this winter to have the opportunity to photograph Lindsey in her third trimester (click here to view), and then this spring I got to photograph her and AndrĂ©e's beautiful creation. 
Meet Finnigan! 
He already has has the ability to light up a room, just like his Momma! And has that laid back personality of his parent's, I think he is the perfect "little hippie". I felt so blessed to be given the opportunity to snap some shots of them together. It's easy to create beautiful photographs of people that are already beautiful inside and out. 


The Sheep Farmer's Easter

Easter out at the farm is not the one you dress up for. It is the Easter where you put on your work clothes and join in the fun chaos of sheep farming. Out at Able Farm's you make lamb while the sun rises, the sun sets, and the moon shines.